• Road Accident Fund.

    Every time you fill up, a percentage of the petrol or diesel you’ve purchased is used to finance South Africa’s Road Accident Fund (RAF).

    The aim of this fund is to compensate victims of road accidents for injuries sustained, or in the event of death – to compensate the deceased’s dependents for their loss. If you are the victim of a road accident and have suffered bodily injuries at the hands of a negligent driver, then you have a right to claim from the RAF.

    Who can claim?
    Dependents of a deceased breadwinner.

    Why you should talk to us While you can claim against the RAF yourself, a personal injury lawyer is skilled in structuring your claim to maximise your compensation. You can only claim once from the RAF for the injuries you have sustained in a particular accident, which is why it’s key that you are compensated appropriately. More often than not, the RAF will offer you a settlement figure far below what your claim is worth. While we realise that no amount of money can fully compensate your loss, the experienced personal injury lawyers at Aucamps have the necessary expertise to help you get the compensation you deserve. Giving your time to recover from your injuries or loss and rebuild your life.

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